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​COR - Towards Living Automobile


What if, in the near future, our cars are no longer merely a means of transport or a status symbol, but it becomes a partner, who reacts to us, who is changing, who is alive? The concept will deal with elements from the vehicle interior to realize forward-looking concepts that are emotionally at the interface between man and machine. It’s about the topic of liveliness and what this would mean in relation to the automobile. How can a sensual exchange with the vehicle arise and what kind of information can be transmitted? What practical functions could an adaptive system entail?

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​Inspiration from the form of the neuron that represents the connection as well as communication between the user (nucleus) and car.


Design Concept


Cor is a Latin word “heart/soul”.

It is a representation that can be your phone or accessories which allow driving preferences to be transferred to any car to provide a customized environment.

With the Cor the cars can remember many kinds of habits in passenger’s previous driving experience such as seat position, favorite music, temperature, and speed preference into the car.


Drivers usually experience cars as extensions of their bodies, and those features like pulse, breathing, and memories which are human qualities can be externalized onto car machines.

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The different light movements are tested in different scenarios (emotions). For instance, the data transmitting will be represented by flowing light moving from the Cor to the rest of the interior. The process is explored by proximity sensors, LED programming, and digital animation.

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 12.58.20.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 12.58.29.png

The new way to communicate with cars allows the animate environment to have potential to actively respond to maneuvers and emotions of passengers. It will greatly reduce the level of anxiety since the current driving process is highly emotional but the communication is attenuated.

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