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​Autonomous Ride-sharing Service APP


​Re-Imagine The Connectivity 

According to the 2019 US Technology Experience Index (TXI), apps built into cars are not meeting users’ expectations, and 29% of vehicle owners have stopped using their cars’ built-in apps altogether; The “ease of using built-in apps in entertainment and connectivity” receives the lowest score (7.63/10) 

​What May Be People's Beliefs In The Future?

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Secondary Research Findings: (from IHIET 2019)

Social robots are valuable in attracting attention but do not generate any meaningful benefit;


Intelligent machines can generate new rules of ethics, but they cannot know whether these are relevant without people deciding it (Can fact-processing machines process values and know what is ethically relevant?)

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Favorite brands:

Curiosity Matrix:


NAME                  Erica

AGE                     25

INTERESTS         Art, Fashion

PERSONALITY    Extrovert and open


​The vehicle's AI assistant will be matched based on passengers' personalities and preferences.


As a virtual partner that empowers and brings joy to every individual, AI shares interesting findings, schedules events, and encourages passengers to explore the world surrounds us.

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The Entertainment Mode will allow eye-tracking technology to detect passenger’s facial expressions; the vehicle will then obtain information from the location outside and send it to the passenger.

By entering the Relax Mode passenger will allow the vehicle to change the form of the seat based on his or her posture.

Entertainment Mode

Relax Mode

​The passenger will guide AI to save or delete preferences and activity history.

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(Reference: Mercedes AVTR)

Phase 1: Create an account

Phase 2: Tutorial

Phase 2: Home page

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The whole arrangement of segments is based on the frequency of use; Interactive content preview is provided for shortcuts.

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Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.04.09.png


​Ride Hailing Stage

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